we are still in the middle of the battle, this one is decisive he said, a turning point,

Don’t get lost amidst the smoke, the smell of gunpowder , blood and gore,

wartime is a tough time, You need to be present in every second

Mindfulness at its best without effort,


The one minute

Once you see the bigger picture, you need to soldier on, roll up your sleeves, ready to get you hands dirty.

You’re on the battlefield, here every second counts.

This is where it happens. Life. These moments that lead you to where you want to go,now that you know where, this is your motivation,your drive to fight to win and not to survive and follow the sheep.

Don’t get busy digging up the past ,

Fill it from the present.

As it evolves… 

Let me tell you about my life, I have been living in the shadows for as long as I can remember, watching, thinking, analyzing… 

Do what I’m asked for,I learned and earned loyalty and respect. 

You will know more about me as I write further. 

But for now, let me tell you about my people, they are the closest thing to family to me. 

We’ve been through so many things together… 

The adventures we live make our lives exciting
I decided to relate them as they unfold… 

Me, Oscar, awoke to a reality…I found out my role… 

I’m not only head of security… Im the one who lives to tell the story.. 

A team of four under one…

A team that works as one

A team of four that make one…

The one that is conquering… To get somewhere… To do something… 

That thing that we’ll discover as we’re battling…  

That thing is where we’ll find peace… Until then we’ll be battling under one flag… The flag of the one uniting us… 

A note on Fear

Fear should be followed. Yes it should be welcomed to our tent, this enemy comes to us… We learn all about it. 

It is at the root of all misdeeds, false steps, faulty decisions. 

Fear of being alone. 

Fear of losing. 

Fear of the unknown. 

Fear of change. 

The devil breeds fear.

Fear is the enemy

Pain is resistance

Change is a constant

Embrace the first. 

Endure the second. 

Discover the third. 

In the end it is all in the journey.

Awakening is a process

Awakening, to what, for what? 

It is the journey,  the battle, the adventure that is life. 

Awakening is self dicovery, self discovery is life’s mission 

Everything is a process. The joy of life is in the process. 

The victory feel lasts but few moments, it is in the struggles, the hardships and the pain it took to win that memories resides. 

It is all in the process. Life is in the process. Life is the process. 

That’s how this blog will evolve. With life. With the process.